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lock horns, to come into conflict; clash: to lock horns with a political opponent. lock, stock, and barrel, completely; entirely; including every part, item, or facet, no matter how small or insignificant: We bought the whole business, lock, stock, and barrel.
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Account has been locked.
Account has been locked. Microsoft account More. If you tried to sign in to your account and received a message that it's' been locked, it's' because activity associated with your account might violate our Terms of Use. How to unlockyour Microsoft account.
Home - Het Lock.
Het LOCK is dé plek voor gedragsdeskundigen die het verschil willen maken in de aanpak van kindermishandeling! Bekijk alle trainingen. Vind jouw opleiding. Wij zijn Het Lock. Het Landelijke Opleidingscentrum Kindermishandeling dat zich richt op de aanpak van kindermishandeling en scholing in diagnostiek en behandeling.
Lock Java Platform SE 7.
A typical usage idiom for this method would be: Lock lock; if lock.tryLock try manipulate protected state finally lock.unlock; else perform alternative actions This usage ensures that the lock is unlocked if it was acquired, and doesn't' try to unlock if the lock was not acquired.
Locked in het Nederlands vertaald uit het Engels.
lock slot, grendel, doorhalen, doorstrepen, een streep halen door, schrappen, afdammen, afsluiten, belemmeren, stuwen, versperren, op slot doen, sluiten, dichtdoen, dichtmaken, toedoen, grendelen, afgrendelen, vergrendelen, sas, sluis, sassluis, schutsluis, spui. Uitgebreide vertaling voor locked Engels in het Nederlands. locked bijvoeglijk naamwoord.
Quad Lock Europe - Official Store.
I've' used Quad Lock in my training for a while now. Mounting my phone on the stem of my bike." x4 Tour De France Winner Quad Lock Ambassador. I've' been using Quad Lock for years on rides all around the world in the most craziest conditions!
Lock or unlock your Webex meeting.
If you have back-to-back meetings or need privacy in your Personal Room, lock the room. When the meeting is locked.: No one can enter the meeting until you unlock it. You see a list of all attendees waiting in the lobby.
locked - Vertaling naar Nederlands - voorbeelden Engels Reverso Context.
It's' locked, it's' locked. Het is vergrendeld, het is vergrendeld., het is vergrendeld." They kept us locked, locked in a dungeon. Ze hadden ons opgesloten in een kerker. in een kerker." Documents can no longer be locked after being signed and fully locked.

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